Nino Mikava

BTU-ს ასოცირებული პროფესორი

Nino Mikava is an Associate Professor at Business and Technology University. Has a Master of Business Administration degree. He holds a doctor’s degree in Public Health.

Nino has 18 years of experience working in the management of the insurance and healthcare sectors.

Has expert knowledge in business administration, healthcare management, global healthcare. Nino Mikava conducts training courses for undergraduate and graduate students in areas such as: Organizational Behavior, Fundamentals of Management, Health Insurance and Risk Management, Medical Tourism, and Digital Healthcare.

Nino’s research interests include the following areas: eHealth, Telemedicine, Healthcare Systems, Medical Tourism.

Nino is the supervisor of undergraduate and graduate theses in healthcare management and management.

Nino Mikava is a graduate of the MASHAV program. At her initiative, the Embassy of Israel in Georgia and the MASHAV Training Center conducted a digital healthcare course for Georgian healthcare workers in December 2021. Nino has taken a healthcare management course at the University of Scranton, a global healthcare course at the University of Tromso. She holds a yellow belt in Lynn Management (Kaizen Institute in Georgia). She is currently taking a Certificate Course in Coaching Science and Art at Ericsson International University.

In the role of Chief Researcher, She led research projects: “Needs Assessment in Primary Health Care Management in Georgia”; assessing the need for digital technology in Georgia for effective diabetes management”; “Barriers and Challenges of Digital Health Development in Georgia”.

Nino actively participates in international conferences and workshops. Has published several scientific articles and research reports.

In addition to his native Georgian, she is fluent in English and Russian.

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