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Natia Seskuria

Natia Seskuria is an associate professor at Business and Technology University. She is also the founder and chief executive of the Regional Institute for Security Studies (RISS) and a research associate at the UK’s Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security (RUSI).

She has many years of experience in both policy planning and strategic document development, as well as in-depth analysis of defense and security issues.

Since 2020, Natia is a member of Chatham House Advisory Board. At different times, she worked at the US Middle East Institute (MEI) as a researcher in the field of Black Sea security, at the Office of the National Security Council of Georgia and the Ministry of Defense, as a researcher of Russian foreign affairs with the editor of The Sunday Times of London, as an analyst at the International Security Studies Department of RUSI and As an independent political risk management consultant in London.

Natia’s field of research focuses on Russian domestic and foreign policy, as well as security issues in the South Caucasus and the Black Sea region. She is regularly invited to the international press including: BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, SKY News, ABC News and FRANCE 24.

Her publications are published in the world’s leading publications and academic journals, such as: International Affairs Journal (Chatham House), Foreign Policy, RUSI Newsbrief, Ares and Athena and others. Atia participates in international conferences and gives speeches on the world’s leading platforms. In addition, Natia advises multinational organizations, leading private companies and government agencies of various countries on security issues.

Natia holds an MA in Politics, Security and Integration from University College London (UCL) and a BA in Politics and East European Studies from the same university.

Natia speaks English, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish.

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