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Digital Ecosystem Digest – E-Commerce Consumers

Digital Ecosystem Digest is monthly electronic research report, which is issued at the initiative of BTU Entrepreneurship and Research Centers. Report reviews current technological and innovative trends in different areas of Georgian digital ecosystem and covers the issues such as: startups in digital business, electronic commerce markets, digital platforms (B2B, B2C or C2C), fintech, etc. The goal of the report is consolidation of the existing information as well as generating new practical knowledge regarding the digital economy.

The number of e-commerce consumers in Georgia amounted 494 000 as of 2021, majority of which bought product or service specifically only from local of international market. Most part of the e-commerce market is represented by youngsters and people residing in cities. These individuals outstand with various digital skills and frequent use of internet. For example, their 67,8% is the consumer of internet-banking at the same time.