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Importance of Integration of Green Technologies for Georgian Economy

Energy shortage is one of the main challenges of modern times. Global climate change has put the modern world in front of new challenges. This fact has especially affected the energy sector. The global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the situation. The change in this situation affected Georgia as well. Massive lockdowns have put businesses in front of new challenges. The sharp increase in consumption and the increased tariffs for energy have prompted the business sector to start thinking about alternative means of energy. In this paper, the qualitative method of research is used and the experience of Georgia in renewable energies is described. Business readiness regarding opportunities for green technology integrations in the digital economy is reviewed. The aim of the paper is to analyze the benefits of using renewable energy for business, as well as what positive effects the development of renewable energy can have in the country’s economy. As a result of the study, it was determined that the integration of green
technologies will bring great benefits to the country’s economy. Increased domestic energy supply and price stabilization.

This Article was published in American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research