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The target audience of the presented report is wide and may include any person interested in digitization of business activities. In particular, the report will address the following main issues:
Initial results of digital transformation of local startup activities and impact of digital literacy of society on Business Processes;
Overview of digital and technological knowledge and skills deficient in the local labor market;
Latest trends from the startup ecosystem to various digital destinations (customer relationship management, big data processing, customer satisfaction measurement).

The results are based on both general statistics and a qualitative survey conducted by BTU in July 2023, in which local,
including technologically oriented startups took part. Digital ecosystem digest will return to the topic of strikers in the future and review the impact of artificial intelligence on the implementation and use of digital technologies.

Digitization of activities has brought various successful results for local startups and small companies, including both in terms of improving customer relations and in relation to the company’s internal processes. One of the main advantages of digitization, according to startups, is reaching to new segments of customers. These are the segments of customers that could not be connected when delivering a product/service through traditional channels. Also, a notable advantage is increased customer-centric capabilities. In particular, the accumulated and growing digital information about customers has enabled companies to create products/services directly tailored to their customer’s tastes/needs. In addition, digitization of activities increases the efficacy of internal processes, which reflects the simplification of many internal processes, as well as, in general, the transparency of the company’s activities from the customer’s perspective.

The increase in the use of digital technologies by the public in Georgia has brought a number of consequences for local companies. First, most importantly, trust in digital products has increased, and digital processes as a whole have become more reliable. And this simplifies and accelerates the growth of market volume.