Ongoing Research
16 DECEMBER 2019

The list of studies being performed within RES LAB

1.  Electricity generation deficit and one of the problem solving alternatives – Renewable energy resources (Solar energy);
2.  Renewable energy sources in Georgia and in the world – state strategy and concession system, which is possible to go into force for the organizations that move to consumption of renewable energy;
3.  Top three industries/sectors in Georgia, which have a perspective to implement renewable energy sources;
4.  Risks and benefits for businesses in the light of energy market liberalization; 
5.   Legal aspects of implementing renewable energy sources in Georgia.

The list of studies being performed within AI LAB

1. Analysis of semi-structured documents using artificial intelligence
2. The need to develop a national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence in Georgia.
3. Education Tech Platform, as Innovative Teaching Model for High Schools

The list of studies being performed within Entrepreneurship Center

1. Formation of an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in the educational space
2.Study of the Effectiveness of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Georgia