Israeli Techub

Israeli Techub in a high-tech teaching and training center, which was founded in 2018th, with the support of the government of Georgia, Israeli embassy in Georgia and the Co-Founder of Techub, Meni Benish, Benish Group. Techub is based at Silicon Valley Tbilisi and it implements a unique format for the training of IT specialists, which is used in the army of Israel. The initiator of the opening of Israeli Techub is Eran Lasser. In the past, he has held a senior position in Mamram, Israeli IT training Center for Army. After the end of army service, Eran founded and managed a private institution John Bryce Training for the civil sector. Today John Bryce Training occupies more than 70% of the Israeli IT market and has branches in Hungary, China and Turkey. Israeli Techub will work in Georgia as an analogue of such a center.

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Techub is adapting the Israeli Telem method, designed to work on the strengths of each student and understanding each student motivation. This training is based on case studies and practical exercises without boring lectures and wasting of time. Techub also formed the Advisory Board, where it invited IT industry leaders, who know what the market needs are.
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