Center for Entrepreneurship


Business and Technology University established the Center for Entrepreneurship in partnership with world’s leading Henley Center for Entrepreneurship. The center’s main goal is to make a sizable contribution to the development and internationalization of the Georgian entrepreneurship ecosystem. The center aims to do so by continuously conducting research in the field, initiating discussion among key actors in the ecosystem about the necessary improvements to legal frameworks, suggesting innovative solutions, projects etc. The establishment of the Center for Entrepreneurship is an important step in the development of Georgia's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Partners of the Center:

Teaching Entrepreneurship at BTU

All students at Business and Technology University start their academic career by learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Specific courses are designed in a way that encourages students to create their own startups, pitch them on yearly demo days and participate in the incubation process. The aim of these courses is to give students basic knowledge about entrepreneurship, teach them the tools for ideation, business model creation etc. to ensure that they’re fully informed about all the steps necessary to launch a successful startup. 

The entrepreneurship course was created in partnership with Henley Business School. This allows students to have access to top class international resources. 

Practical Business Project

For graduating students, BTU has introduced a specially designed course - “Practical Business Project”. The objective of this course is to transfer all the theoretical knowledge students have received into practice, encouraging them to acquire new practical skills. In the context of this project, students choose an industry according to their interests and prepare a real business plan for a company in the given industry. Throughout the course, students will attend workshops in modules such as: business model generation, marketing, research, financial modeling, fundraising, pitch deck creation etc. Students will also have access to mentors from BTU’s partner organizations. 

Lecturers of our Entrepreneurship Courses: 

  • Tea Mkheidze
  • Giorgi Khatiashvili
  • Mako Kavtaradze
  • Ketevan Ebanoidze
  • Elene Zhvania
  • Lia Gubashvili
  • Tornike Jobava
  • Zurab Pertaia

Activities and Services of Entrepreneurship Center

The BTU Center for Entrepreneurship offers free programs to startups throughout Georgia. Startup bootcamps, training, workshops, hackathons, regional research, access to finance opportunities represent only a few of the center’s activities. The center implements these programs for different organizations as well. Our potential partners can contact us and request detailed info about the possible services the center can offer them. The service of organizing pre-accelerators, hackathons, training series etc. is offered individually, depending on the needs and priorities of the client/project. Ideation, business model generation, drafting a business plan, how to obtain financing, investors relations - these are some of the themes covered in custom training series organized in collaboration with partners. 

Outline of a draft program version 

Program duration: min. 3 days max. 3 weeks

Lectures: 3 sessions per week, 2 hours each. 

Mentors: 2-3 mentors, depending on the program specifics

  1. Design thinking and ideation
  2. Startup action plan
  3. Market research and customer segmentation
  4. Customer analysis: in-depth interviews, customer persons, validation instruments
  5. Market entry strategies
  6. Marketing and advertising
  7. Financial roadmap and analytics
  8. Access to finance and investor relations
  9. Powerful pitching
  10. Demo Day

Additional activities: individual mentoring opportunities, invited speakers, workshops on specific subjects. 

Cost of the service: negotiated individually with partners. 


For additional information please contact us at: 

Online Business Clinic

BTU Center for Entrepreneurship established the online business clinic in partnership with Henley Business School. The main purpose of the clinic is to support the Georgian Entrepreneurship ecosystem by offering different webinars and individual consultations to startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. All these activities and offerings are free for the beneficiaries of the clinic. Topics within the clinic include: how to write a business plan, strategic planning tools, digital transformation, marketing and communication, internationalization, access to finance, and others. 

First two webinars opening the clinic are: “how to write a business plan” and “how to get government funding for my startup”. These series of webinars are dedicated to supporting those startups who are just starting out and want to prepare themselves better for applying for local grants or want to request funding from financial institutions. 

Mentors of the business clinic include academic personnel of BTU as well as representatives of our partners, who are leaders in their fields and major players in the ecosystem. 

In order to register for online business clinic activities, please visit the registration form or contact us at:


Student Entrepreneur Status

Student Entrepreneur Status is an initiative by BTU designed to encourage and enable students to launch startups in the Center for Entrepreneurship and take advantage of various benefits. The project will be held every coming year. 


As a result of the first round of the project, three start-ups were chosen as winners of the status and will be able to receive rewards such as: coworking/office space, mentoring, financial and legal support, marketing support, scholarship, etc. 

Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup

World’s best seller Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup, often regarded as one of the best books in entrepreneurship by startups, mentors and universities, will be published in Georgian. 

The translation and publication of the book is part of BTU’s and MIT’s ongoing partnership. MIT Global Startup Lab was first entered the BTU premises in January 2020 and hosted the first accelerator program. This was a huge step for the Georgian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. In the context of the this partnership, the agreement was reached to translate the book by Bill Aulet - the head of the MIT’s Center for Entrepreneurship.