BTU Kids


Week end school for kids. The program includes training for children from 10 to 15 years in management and information technologies, to improve their personal, social and management skills. The program goal is to integrate the students’ knowledge in digital technologies. The program includes 15 different modules, that are taught problem-based teaching method. According the method, the teacher is a mentor – who presents the problem for analysis and the group starts searching for different and new ways to solve the problem. The method is different from a classic method of lesson and lecture and allows the student share the knowledge, learns teamwork and individual work, to improve communication skills and finding the most effective ways of solving the problems.


Training modules:


  • Business management – whatever the adults do not know.
  • Companies review – who has changed the world?
  • Time management – effective timeshare for studying and playing?
  • Making the right choice.
  • Internet – communication without borders.
  • Entertainment and working in social media: how to earn money on Facebook, YouTube, blogging etc.
  • Advertise – how to create new costumers and keep the old ones.
  • Creating brands and the most expensive brands in business.
  •  Innovations – in business and technologies.
  • Microsoft YouthSpark – young people technological development in 8 hours.
  • NASA for Kids – fun science.
  • Modern technological achievements.
  • Games and mobile applications.
  • Viral Content: how to introduce our selves to the world.
  • Planning events and digital technologies.

Duration of the course: 30 weeks.

Fees: 100 GEL.

Project partners: Microsoft, Mercedes Benz