BTU integrated artificial intellect with education. Lecturers assistant BOT – innovation, which Business and Technology University specialists have created, gets involved in learning process. Creating BOT and its integration with education is the part of Business and Technology University’s work on artificial intellect, which was developed step by step with partnership and technical support of HP.

BOT is able to consult the student independently, to teach the course rapidly, to answer the questions 24/7 and communication. BOT creators have taken into account the most important and adjusted in on students’ needs. The modern stance in educational process will make students’ teaching process easier, it will make their communication with the lecturers innovational and high technological.

BTU BOT is ready to teach marketing management and management, consult everyone interested in. BOT will be developed step by step, learn Business Administration and every functional subjects of Informational Technologies and will become a direct participant of the learning process.

While working on artificial intellect, BTU BOT information will increase significantly, its processes will be automatically systematized and developed, according to data bases decisions optimization and improvement.