Offices and Departments

Quality Assurance Office

The Quality Assurance Office is an independent department that serves to assure the systematic improvement and development of the academic programs and scientific activities, also to evaluate quality management system performance. It is directly subordinated by the Rector.


Study Process Management Office

The department assures study process administration.


Research and Innovations Center

The Research and Innovations Department is focused on studies of Digital Economy, Digital Entrepreneurship and Digital Technologies. The research is led by leading scientists of the country, academic staff, and researchers. The center cooperates with international organizations, high ranked Universities and Research Institutions.

The students have opportunity to select research according to their interest and be involved in the process of planning, conducting and data analyses.


International Relations Office

The aim of the International Relations Office is to introduce Business and Technology University to global educational network and to strengthen its role as one of the successful Higher Education Institution in the region. It is assured by the exchange programs with international institutions involving academic and administrative staff, students and alumni, conducting joint research and international networks’ membership.


Public Relations Office

The function of the Public Relations Department is to effectively position the Business and Technology University in different public groups. The office plans and formulates strategies to communicate with Stakeholders and organizes events to increase the target group awareness. 


Financial Department

The Financial Department develops and updates and University financial policy, procedures, norms and regulations and effectively manages its financial resources. It is also responsible for financial accounting and procurement.


Human Resource Management Office

The Human resource management office is mainly concerned with the formulation and implementation of the human resource management strategies, creation of the data base and modern effective system for human resource development, motivation and advancement in career.


The Chancellery

The chancellery ensures the management and registration of incoming and outgoing documents, the distribution of nomenclature and the creation of appropriate databases.


Information Technologies Office

The Information Technologies Office at BTU ensures the automation of the processes and development of the information systems in the university



The library offers students the electronic collection of the primary and secondary resources necessary for the learning process. It has access to international and local resources in business administration and IT. The library cooperates with international and Georgian publishing houses, constantly updates printed and electronic resources.


Legal Office

The main responsibility of legal office is to ensure the legal aspects of University activities, protect the interests of the university in a court of law, and in relation to third parties, and provide legal advisory services to the university.


Infrastructure Office

The office deals with inventorying, valuation, maintenance and care of the buildings, land and material recourses owned by the University. The care and maintenance of the cleaning materials and technologies for the janitorial staff.