Career Development Center


Working and studying – is the mission of career development center. Career Development Center is a structure unit of the faculty. The center goal is to find and offer the students jobs and internships continuously. As in Georgia also outside the country. And to develop their abilities of self-employment.


We believe that the students must be given the opportunity of working as soon as they are freshmen. So we have signed the memorandum of cooperation with more than 100 major companies in Georgia. And also we have an unprecedented student program, that gives us a chance to employ every student.


 The university has access to the international employment platform, which units daily refreshed 10 million vacancies, worldwide. The vacancies will be offered to the students individually.


The center provides additional training for students in order to increase their competitiveness in the labor market. The center cooperates with government structures.

Every student of Business and Technology University gets more job perspectives.