Rector's Welcome Speech


Dear Entrants and Students,

I am honored to announce Business and Technology University open for you. As a result of our team’s hard work, high quality education in Georgia is available. Nowadays, you can compete with the world’s leading universities graduates, work with large company’s top managers and employ the most popular and highly-paid positions.


As a result, we have created a dynamic, employment-oriented program. The graduates will be able not only to follow modern challenges and changes, but also become the innovators in generating industry. We are glad, to be the first to make affordable system of education for you, in Georgia.


We have an ambitious plan: Bring up the generation, who have not only education, but also the ability to meet global challenges and to be a leader in the field where they decide to work. The generation, who will pave the way without obstacles in carrier, will be employed and will be employer. According to the plan, we will be in communication with you continuously, even after you graduate, we will care about your career growth, because we have one goal: Achieve the great success.


After Business and Technology University establishment, our university collaborates with more than 100 large companies, both in and outside Georgia. The companies have been endorsed by educational programs and they expressed their desire to collaborate with us and our students.


We understand, that the studying process may be linked to large number of difficulties. We decided to offer you unique educational experience – infrastructure, which in ecologically clean environment units the modern digital technologies, computer laboratories, business incubator, a research center, a modern library, a football pitch, a swimming pool, a gym and park. We have developed scholarship programs for students, which will bring you financial benefits. We have selected the best team of professors and invited lecturers – the world’s leading university graduates, Georgian large companies’ top managers, who are willing to share their knowledge and experience only with you.


Waiting for you at Business and Technology University,

Best regards,

Mikheil batiashvili